Sandown Twilight Racing

Cycling is like the lottery, sometimes you win and other times you don’t. Tonight I had a bad day in the ‘lottery’.
Sandown Racing always attracts huge fields in every grade and in A Grade tonight we had a large field of around 60 riders.
The winning break away went 15 minutes into the race consisting of 4 strong riders. Just before these riders went, I said in my head – “watch these guys”. When they went, I paused, just for a moment. It was a moment too long. The race was gone.
Despite numerous efforts and solid turns on the front of the bunch to bridge across the gap, I couldn’t close them down and no one was willing to contribute in the chase.
I turned it into a training session and did my bit on the front to give myself a good workout. My legs were feeling good rolling turns, but when it came to the sprint they were dead. I managed to hold onto finish 6th - 2nd in bunch sprint but I’m very disappointed. Another tough race done and dusted.

Learnt from my mistakes and already forgotten about tonight, my focus is now set upon my next race. Back to the drawing board, keep posted for my next race report, hopefully it’s a successful one.

Thanks, Brenton


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