Pro Tour Riders at St Kilda Crits

Once again, an overcast day provided us with some light rain before the start of St Kilda Cycling Clubs Sunday Morning Criterium racing at South Melbourne.
Upon race start, the course was just starting to dry up with only 3 laps being undertaken in a slight drizzle. The course was now dry and with that, came the big attacks from various teams and individual riders. Small gaps were created as a result and I found myself right up the front and in a few of these little moves.
For the majority of the 60min + 3 lap race, the bunch was very aggressive with Pro Tour riders – Simon Gerrans and Koen de Kort making everybody hurt on numerous occasions.
The big field of 66 riders at times, was very sketchy with a number of ‘close calls’ when riders decided elbow’s and heads would be a good way to move in and around the bunch. Fortunately, no crashes were experienced during these times and I did my best to stay out of trouble up the front.
Approaching the last 15mins of racing, the pace increased and the attacks kept getting stronger with every move lasting a bit longer off the front.
My legs were good, not great, but I knew that I had one last ‘big’ effort in them if it came down to a sprint finish.
When the sign came out showing 3 laps to go, it was a case of ‘buckle up’ and hang onto your position for the last couple of fast laps.
I was positioned well, sitting in 5th with 2 laps to go and then 3rd with 1 to go.
Approaching the last corner, I got swamped by 2 riders which pushed me back and slowed down my run to the finish. Not making excuses - you learn from your mistakes and I expect a better result next time! 5th Place was the result today with Simon Gerrans taking the win.

L-R = 1st-5th Place

I had a great day of racing none the less and my CUBE Lighting HPC from Monza Imports proved to be one of the best weapons of choice. My Torq Nutrition Gels kept my energy levels up and Torq’s Recovery Powder assisted my recovery (I love that stuff).
Make sure you keep posted for my next race report because my progress for Bay Crits and Nationals is coming along nicely.


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