August: New beginnings

August 1st is a time when rumours are confirmed as teams announce their transfers and new signings for the following season. I always say everything happens for a reason and so I work hard and try to represent my team and personal image as best as possible to keep chasing my dreams that I’ve had since I was a boy. From my soccer days as a junior, I remember clearly one motivational talk from a high performance coach at the Gippsland Sports Academy. He said; “there are 30 players here in front of me today, now, some of you could go onto represent your respective clubs to a high level, some might make it to a division 1 team, while others won’t. Only 1 maybe 2 players here today will make a living from the sport and make it. So, if you want to make it - work hard, dedicate your time to bettering your game and you might make it.”
That has stuck with me ever since and even though I didn’t become a professional soccer player, I’ve remembered the messages from that day and I know that if you want to make it, you have do be dedicated, committed and have perseverance. Qualities that I admire in others and respect in myself. After what has been a great year on the bike, my chances of stepping back into the Professional ranks looked promising, but this sport is cruel and there are so many riders for limited professional contracts. Politics and money can be an asset to some riders who ‘make it’, maybe not so much on their performance or results but who they know and what they’ve got.
Last week I was so excited to announce that I’ll be joining Team Delko Marseille Provence KTM for the 2018 season, a team with a fantastic history in the sport and experience in developing some big riders over recent years. They have a great calendar, including races I’ve dreamt of riding like Paris-Roubaix and it gives me the chance to show my consistency and battle it out for results against the worlds best in multiple key events. I’m very thankful to all of my supporters who have believed in me, passed on advice and who’ve helped guide me in my career pursuits. A special mention to John Herety, the man behind Team JLT Condor and someone who has given me a lifeline this year to continue doing what I love, so thanks for believing in me John!
The season is not over just yet, I have my sights set on the Tour of Britain that takes place from the 3rd – 10th October and it will be our last race of the 2017 season. Prior to this race we take part in a handful of one-day races both here in the UK and in Europe, including the Copenhagen Nocturne Criterium on the 19th August and UCI 1.2 GP Marbieres in France on the 22nd August. I’m looking forward to finishing this year off on a high with Team JLT Condor, and then I can’t wait to return home to Australia via France for my first team camp with Team Delko Marseille in mid-October.


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