Cycling Tips & Bunch Riding

A'qto Cycycling: "Recently we had the privilege of Brenton Jones leading a 

Skills Session for our Melbourne Business Network Cycling Bunch around Albert Park Lake in Melbourne.

The Bunch included some experienced and also some less experienced riders but 
regardless of level, all got a lot out of it.  Brenton’s tips and leadership were great 
so we asked him to write up a few of his key tips around braking, cornering and 
bunch riding so we could share them with you."
Riding a bike is quite simple, we all know how to push the pedals and generate
momentum whilst moving forwards, but would you know how to avoid a crash,
bunny-hop an obstacle or position yourself in a bunch?
These basic training tips and techniques are very useful for commuting, weekend
bunch rides or the local club race.
Like in any sport, practice makes perfect and over time, your skills and ability will
become autonomous. Pushing the boundaries in a safe environment will help you to
learn your own limits and understand how to perform certain skills when out on the
road or in the bush.
My experience both in training and racing has ensured a solid foundation for the
skills needed, allowing me to handle unexpected hazards and obstacles with confidence.
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